Friday, August 17, 2012

GMG and Unglued

A group of girls and I (Jessica) went through a 3- month study of Proverbs 31 this summer. We did this program called 'Good Morning Girls', where a group of women decide to study a particular Bible passage/ theme by studying the provided materials as well as the Bible itself. After reflecting on the day's message, every girl sends out a group email with our thoughts and reflections, so it's like a running conversation of the topic. The beauty of the study is you can do as much or as little as you want, and you can do it at any time.. and it's FREE (and who doesn't like free?? It makes me feel like I'm in college again, lol.)! We finished it about a week or so ago, and I feel SO lost without it! You should check it out at We studied Proverbs 31 and it has been the eye-opening, life-changing, kind of awesome! I feel so inspired to be a better wife and, when the time comes, mother. In fact, I would challenge anyone to study it thoroughly and tell me that it did not change you one bit!

Anyway, as I was saying, we finished it about a week ago, leaving me wondering what to do now, while I'm waiting for the next session to start up in about a month. All of a sudden, I started hearing these blurbs on the radio about a new book out called Unglued by Lysa TerKerst (I think I spelled it right!). It's about figuring out what causes you to become emotionally unglued (hence the name, right??) and how to approach it in a biblically-based way. Of course, I was all over this, as I feel like I've been unglued quite a bit lately. Of course, this could be because I need a vacation, but still... I figure that this book could be interesting, at the least, and divine intervention at best. I bought it and have only read a few chapters so far, but I feel like this woman has written this so honestly and has really researched her information so well... I feel at times when I'm reading it that I wrote parts of it myself! I'm excited to finish it. I would highly recommend it so far... but official reviews will follow!

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